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Leadership Engagement Certificate

About the Leadership Certificate

The Leadership Engagement Certificate provides KU undergraduate students with an introduction to leadership theories and practices while helping students make connections between classroom learning and leadership activities.

Throughout this program you will:

  • Be introduced to leadership theories and ideas
  • Gain experience applying what you learn in your leadership classes to your campus community and beyond
  • Develop a personal statement of purpose
  • Recognize from various experiences how self-management and engaging others play a role in the leadership process 

Complete a certificate by taking leadership courses, participating in a KU leadership experiences, and completing reflection questions. Once completed, the Leadership Engagement Certificate is printed on your official KU transcript to acknowledge the unique experience.

Program Learning Outcomes

At the end of this program, students should be able to:

  • 1. Describe leadership theories/ideas
  • 2. Illustrate how leadership theories/ideas can be used 
  • 3. Apply theories/ideas to leadership activities 
  • 4. Recognize from experiences how self-management plays a role in leadership
    Students will be able to do at least one of the following:
        4.a) Identify personal values
        4.b) Identify relationships between personal values and leadership actions
        4.c) Identify own strength and weaknesses
        4.d) Evaluate personal responses to challenging or intimidating situations
  • 5. Recognize from experiences how engaging others play a role in leadership
    Students will be able to do at least one of the following:
        5.a) Recognize the value of others’ perspectives/interpretations
        5.b) Seek input from others
        5.c) Work cooperatively with others when problem solving
        5.d) Work cooperatively with others when decision making

Student who complete the Leadership Certificate and would like to continue their leadership journey, are encouraged to apply for the Leadership Studies Minor (LSM).

Completing the certificate requires a combination of classroom learning, experiential learning, and written reflection.

Classes (total 6 credit hours)
  • LDST 201, 202, or 203 HN (total of 3 credits): This course sequence is required for the Leadership Certificate. Through LDST 201, 202, or 203 students are introduced to different kinds of leadership theories concepts. The class sequence also focuses on adaptive leadership, which defines leadership as a process, requiring active engagement.
  • Elective class (3 credits): The elective can be a leadership class relevant to a student’s major offered by a professional school or academic department OR a course with content applicable to organizational leadership, non-profit and community leadership, social justice or diversity.
Experiential Learning
48 hours of hands-on learning is required and needs to take place during a student’s time at KU. This certificate focuses on experiences related to a student’s education at the University of Kansas. Experiences need to happen under guidance or KU faculty/staff member or be affiliated with KU. Up to 20 of those hours can be leadership training through programs offered by the Student Involvement and Leadership Center, Office of Multicultural Affairs, etc.
One of the 10 most common job interview questions according to the U.S. News & World Report begins with the phrase, “Tell me about a time when…” An interviewee may be asked to address a situation when they had to take initiative, deal with a group conflict or solve a problem. Completing reflection questions about experiential learning activities not only helps students understand what they have learned from their experiences, but better prepares students to articulate their skills, strengths, etc. in an interview.

Global Women's Leadership Engagement

Planned for January 2022

Qualifies as Leadership Engagement Certificate Experience Hours and Leadership Studies Minor Elective Credit.

Legacy Project

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