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Alumni & Friends Testimonials

What I took away from the LSM was very different from what I had anticipated entering into it. The sole focus is not on how to be a leader, but to understand how people engage in the process of leadership. It has benefitted me when looking at groups or systems in my own life and understanding why they might not be effective or efficient.

     -Beth O'Neill, 2012 graduate

The KWLI gave me the opportunity to share a part of myself and find that I have things in common with women from every part of the world. It made my identity as a global citizen even more clear, and as my dedication to the world as a whole has become stronger, I feel an even deeper connection to my Kansas roots.

     -Ally Briggs, 2014 KWLI alumni from Kansas & 2015 KU graduate

The Leadership Minor gave me the opportunity to take ownership of my education, my work, and my ideas. The instructors created an atmosphere for me to practice real life skills in a safe, experimental environment.

     -Kelli Klecan, 2014 graduate

There was no other academic experience that I had at KU that was as immediately applicable to my extracurricular activities as the LSM. My involvement in virtually all of my organizations seemed to improve and to be more meaningful. It even helped in me in other classes particularly when working on big projects or papers as I was introduced to new ways of approaching and completing them. It seems like the LSM generally draws students who are genuinely interested in improving themselves and the world, so it was nice to be around like-minded people.

     -Jon Sabillón (2011)

The Kansas Women's Leadership Institute made me realize that I matter, and that I can achieve my highest goals. The KWLI helped me become a stronger woman, capable of facing the challenging path of glory. It taught me to listen, to empathize to take initiatives towards change, to adopt integrity as the ultimate doctrine, to have a clear purpose, to master communication, and most importantly to inspire others by words and actions.

     -Sarah Moussaoui, 2015 KWLI alumni from Morocco

The leadership education provided through the LSM makes students a cut above no matter what field they go into. Leadership is important and necessary in any career, and the lessons – learned both through textbooks and experientially – will stick with LSM students for a very long time.

     -Rachel Burchfield, 2009 graduate

The main takeaway I gained from the LSM was self-knowledge and awareness. I feel I truly have a deep understanding of myself, what I stand for, and who I hope to become in the future. I also feel I am better suited to diagnose a problem and tackle it in any way I see fit. I am no longer afraid of getting the wrong answer or having to start over because I have the tools to at least make a dent in the issue if not solve it completely in my own way.

     -Kendall Kohnle, 2015 graduate

Global Women's Leadership Engagement

Planned for January 2022

Qualifies as Leadership Engagement Certificate Experience Hours and Leadership Studies Minor Elective Credit.

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