Leadership Studies Minor

Be Brave. Be Resilient. Be the First Domino. Pursue a Leadership Studies Minor

The University of Kansas Leadership Studies Minor was first introduced to students in 2001, graduating the first cohort in the spring of 2003. The design of the KU Leadership Studies Minor is one of the very few in the country that combines the study of leadership theory through an experiential learning environment with extensive fieldwork – a partnership in learning between the curricular and co-curricular strengths of the University.

Leadership Studies Minor Overview

In the Institute for Leadership Studies we believe leadership is a process, not an outcome. Students who want to make progress on issues they care about in their personal, community, and professional lives can study the processes of leadership in an interdisciplinary minor, housed in the Institute for Leadership Studies.  The KU Leadership Studies Minor (LSM) provides a powerful experiential learning process by integrating leadership ideas explored in the classroom with extensive fieldwork. The 18-credit hour minor is best suited for students engaged in co-curricular leadership activities who want to illuminate what they experience with knowledge gained from investigating leadership principles in breadth and depth. The LSM features small interactive seminar classes and requires 150 hours of community leadership engagement. To preserve this dynamic environment the program accepts only a small number of new students each semester.

For more about the program, Leadership Minor students created this informational video.