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Leadership Engagement Certificate

Class 1& 2: LDST 201 & 202 Introduction to Leadership course sequence is required to complete the certificate.
(This course was previously called COMS 201/202. If you took this class as COMS 201/202, it still counts toward the certificate.)


Class 3: One elective class required. Select from the list below. These classes have content focus applicable to organizational leadership, non-profit leadership, community leadership, social justice, and/or diversity. Click on the schools or department headings to see list of courses.

Aerospace Engineering

African & African-American Studies

Air Force ROTC

American Studies

Applied Behavioral Sciences


Communication Studies

Curriculum & Teaching

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion K-12

This course explores cultural diversity in K-12 settings through a critical analysis of several key themes: power, privilege, and difference. Students will examine the social construction of race, ethnicity, gender, social class, sexuality, language, and abilities within the classroom. This course examines topics including: gender bias, racism, white privilege, income inequality, as well as the educational and social experiences of students from historically marginalized backgrounds. Fieldwork experience is a required component of this course.

Liberal Arts & Science

Precious Porras & Amanda Wright
Special Topics Class: Advocacy for Social Change
Spring 2016 Semester

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to a number of theoretical frameworks and models in social justice leadership. Through various readings, social interactions, discussions, and critical reflection activities, students will be challenged to consider multiple perspectives of the same issue. Further, the course will provide students with an opportunity to engage with the local community and develop an advocacy outreach project that addresses an issue within the community by applying leadership and social justice concepts.

Management and Leadership

Music Education and Music Theory


Political Science
Psychology and Research in Education
Public Administration

Social Welfare

Urban Planning

Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

If you would like to petition that a class count towards the Leadership Certificate, please fill out the class petition form.

Global Women's Leadership Engagement

Planned for January 2022

Qualifies as Leadership Engagement Certificate Experience Hours and Leadership Studies Minor Elective Credit.

Legacy Project

Click below to view the Legacy Project