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The Institute for Leadership Studies creates capacity for thriving in the face of challenge, conflict, and change.

Habits & Competencies

KU is committed to educating leaders and the Institute for Leadership Studies supports that mission through innovative curricular programming at the undergraduate and graduate levels. We inspire students to make a difference from where they are with what they have because we envision a world mobilized by Jayhawks with the courage and leadership skills to ignite positive change.

The ILS engages students across campus and from all disciplines in learning to do the work of leadership by developing a core set of leadership habits and a core set of leadership competencies.

Leadership Habits

  • Self-awareness
  • Connecting to purpose
  • Contribution
  • Active reflection
  • Lifelong learning

Leadership Competencies

  • Manage Self
  • Diagnose the Situation
  • Energize Others
  • Skillfully Intervene