Here is a list of forms available for the Leadership Engagement Certificate:

You will need to download and complete a Documentation of Leadership Activities Verification Form. Verification is required if you did not complete a leadership experience for KU credit. This form needs to be signed by an advisor, KU faculty/staff member, or other supervisor who can attest to your leadership experiences. The completed form needs to be uploaded to your leadership engagement certificate record in myKU Portal when you submit your leadership activity hours. 

Documentation of Leadership Activities Form (pdf)


Read through the Statement of Purpose Writing Guide (pdf) before you start.  Submit your statement through the Leadership Studies office Why write a leadership statement of purpose? The things we value and our core motivations for action impact how we interact with other people and approach challenges. Statements of purpose can serve as a reminder to yourself why you do what you do as well as inspire others.  The goal of this exercise is to help you reflection on the relationship between your values and actions. Keep in mind the following:  

  • There are no right or wrong answers here. Your statement should reflect your current goals and values.  
  • Keep it short and simple. A well-written sentence will do!  
  • Your statement will change over time as you continue to grow personally.